Llanasa Parish Church

Following the death of a well known local conservationists, Recclesia Stained Glass was commissioned to produce two new stained glass windows by the estate, in his memory. The brief was to create two windows that would reflect this love of the natural world at the same time as carrying a religious message. We produced a selection of vidimus drawings and the PCC chose the designs with the help of a local artist.

The windows were designed by Kat Walton who has been responsible for most of the studio's design work since 2009. The windows were made using glass by Lamberts of Germany, who we believe produce some of the most outstanding glass in the world.

Full size cartoons were produced for approval by the DAC before production began, with every section of glass being hand-cut, painted and kiln-fired before being leaded into shape using entirely traditional techniques. The windows were installed into the west end of the Nave and have transformed the space around them to much congregational acclaim.