New Commissions

Design, creation, and fabrication of spectacular new glass installations.

New Commissions - Stained Glass Design, Production & Installation

Stained glass, whether traditional or contemporary, can be one of the single most transformative additions to almost any building. Our studio has designed and produced stained glass for church buildings, homes, public buildings and community art projects for clients across the UK and internationally.

From design through to completion we can manage any size of project in any style from traditional pictorial scenes through to more abstract modern windows. We are a talented team, full of ideas, flare and experience. We are skilled in all aspects of traditional stained glass creation including painting, glass making, lead milling and kiln work, as well as being adept at more modern techniques such as sandblasting, etching, fusing and other hot-glass processes.

We offer comprehensive design services from initial consultation and design submissions to crafting and installation. We have installed stunning stained glass in a variety of buildings in a variety of locations for a variety of clients.

Should you be interested in commissioning new stained glass, why not consider calling in to the studio to see the work we do first hand?

Services for Artists

Stained glass is a very dynamic medium and can be used for all sorts of artwork and commissioned work. If you are an artist who is interested in designing stained glass or who has been commissioned to design a stained glass window, we offer a production only service, working with you to move your designs off the drawing table and into reality.

Services for Schools and Community Groups

We have successfully produced a number of commissions as part of school projects and community projects involving pupils, students, youth groups and other groups interested in designing their own stained glass and commissioning a window. We have produced windows designed by schoolchildren and run workshops for community design competitions. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, let us know!

Unusual Requests

We have worked on a number of unusual projects over the years. If you have an idea for a project involving glass no matter how hare-brained or peculiar, you've come to the right studio!