Special Projects

Special rescue of art glass and repurposing of historic glazing.

Special Projects

Over the years we have completed all sorts of specialist glazing projects, from rescuing high-value art glass in precarious situations in the City of London, glazing Paxton's Fernery at Tatton Park, installing art glass on the London Underground, and repairing historic leaded lights on an island in Ireland only accessible by boat. You name it, we've probably done it - and if we haven't we'll find a way to do it!

Salvage & Repurposing

We are often asked to repurpose salvaged or rescued stained glass, art glass, and historic glazing for reuse in interior design schemes, as architectural features, or freestanding installations. Our thorough understanding of our medium and traditional techniques means we are able to expertly repurpose almost any work of art in glass.

Decorative Georgian Fanlights

We are one of the last remaining studios still producing decorative cast lead fanlights. As well as repair, we can skilfully reproduce Georgian fanlights, and design contemporary versions too. Our fanlights are produced by highly skilled traditional craftsmen and women and are made in exactly the same way as original fanlights would have been in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We can make fanlights to bespoke specifications or to match any existing design or even your own artwork and ideas. We have produced hundreds of fanlights for properties all over the UK.