Hertfordshire Commission Ballroom Ceiling

Recclesia was approached to design and create a spectacular new backlit glass ballroom ceiling for a client as part of the redevelopment of their country house.  

Katherine Walton and Lee Bilson looked to create a statement piece that would be a contemporary nod to the glazed skylight ceilings of Britain's great classical residences, or the Beaux Arts glass ceilings of the late 19th and early 20th Century. 

While working closely with the client's team to create a base geometric structure, into which a floral border could be interweaved, the team crested a subdued yet elegant composition. Katherine's and Lee's approach took note from the frame ceilings like the elliptical dome of the City of Paris building in San Francisco. 

The client's wish to create a contemporary feel whilst respecting traditional craftsmanship, coupled with their appreciation of true uniqueness in a handmade piece, provided the team the freedom to let the glass speak for itself, hence the decision for there to be no colour in the piece.