Our Town Hall - Community Outreach

With their studio teams busy lovingly restoring Manchester Town Hall’s historic windows, Recclesia Stained Glass supervisors Kat Walton and Carlotta Cammelli took some time away to help give back to the wider community at a local Manchester secondary school.  

As one of the many contractors entrusted with taking care of the much-loved landmark, Recclesia Stained Glass are committed to joining Our Town Hall (OTH) project’s initiative of growing social value within the local community.  

Through engagement with local schools, students can benefit from learning about the construction industry from OTH project staff working across a multitude of disciplines.  

As part of this community outreach, Recclesia Stained Glass participated in an interactive and creative business session for secondary school pupils, emulating scenarios around marketing and selling products.  

It was a great experience to be able to give students a truthful insight into the business world of stained glass, especially because at their age I was not able to get such experience. I hope they will feel inspired into pursuing their future careers. - Carlotta Cammelli, Studio Supervisor at Recclesia Stained Glass Manchester.